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M2M modules certification

what is module certification?

Orange, as a leading global telecoms operator, can help you market your M2M solution from start to finish by offering a large range of certified M2M modules, guaranteeing optimal quality of service for you and your end users.




simplify your operations




increase efficiency




be sure of your solution's performance for you and your customers

discover our certified modules  list of the certified modules

why certify modules?

As an M2M developer, you need high quality modules that can function with a range of wireless technologies in order to ensure the longevity of your M2M solutions.

To help you choose the right equipment, Orange has module specialists who test partners' flagship modules for you guaranteeing the performance of different products.

how does it work?

We monitor our M2M suppliers' roadmaps and select state-of-the-art products, which are tested on network infrastructures under real conditions by our experienced teams. The tests we conduct check the behaviour of M2M modules under different conditions enabling you to choose robust products that will stand the test of time in the field.

who is certified?