Orange and smart citites

11 October 2013

Thanks to numerous partners and a dedicated smart cities team, Orange is helping to develop tomorrow's smart cities.
Cities are changing with Orange.

mHealth Grand Tour

11 October 2013

See the video of our latest international health event!

Our new dedicated Health platform: EVA*

11 October 2013

The EVA* (eHealth Versatile Architecture) platform uses Orange M2M solutions to manage healthcare issues. This service platform remotely collects and aggregates data and sends it to medical systems, healthcare professionals and patients. EVA* has a high level of interoperability and complies with regulations and healthcare requirements.

Orange and healthcare

11 October 2013

Discover Orange's healthcare website

Customer case: Cotecna

11 October 2013

Orange and Cotecna have enhaced transit monitoring and security with a best in class M2M project