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      Machine to machine is changing our way of living with e-reader or e-paiment for example. By 2020 there should be 2,5 billion connected devices
      In Italy, 30 million consumers already have smart meters. In the future, these meters will provide real-time daily readings, which should help consumers reduce their energy consumption by over 8%.
      Thanks to traffic control systems which make road travel safer, the rate of serious injuries per accident has gone down by 50% in Troy in the USA.
      We estimate that by 2020, 5 billion objects will be connected from fridges to urban facilities, by way of cars. This figure will increase as application possibilities are endless.
      Colchester Hospital in the United Kingdom uses M2M technology to locate clinical equipment. This enables emergency response teams to save up to 45 minutes per intervention and save more lives.
      Smart services which monitor water usage and identify leaks. We estimate that the United Kingdom could save up to 3.6 mega litres of water per year in this way.