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Medria has launched a machine to machine solution for farmers that allows calving detection


In 2007, Medria caused a veritable global revolution in the world of livestock by launching the first ever connected tool for detecting calving cows. During extensive discussions about calving problems between Jean-Pierre Monier, a farmer and Emmanuel Mounier, a telecoms expert, an innovativation was born.


Before this calving solution was developed, calving cows caused a considerable amount of work for livestock farmers and could result in dramatic consequences, if the farmer was not able to reach the cow in time. Farmers had to get up several times a night or to stop what they were doing during the day to help with calving, plus there was always the risk that they would arrive too late to save the calf. 


It was through these discussions that the idea for detecting calving cows using a connected object - the Vel'Phone - was born. The sensor, placed in the animals' vaginal canal, measures the animal's body temperature daily and sends it directly to farmers' mobile phones so they can monitor the animal's progress. When the thermometer is expelled when the animal's waters break, a final SMS is sent to the farmer warning him of the imminent birth. 
The solution is both simple and effective. The Vel'phone is delivered and installed by Medria, just leaving the farmer the task of inserting the thermometer in the animal's vaginal tract.


The benefits of Vel'phone are multiple. In terms of of working conditions, farmers no longer need to get up several times a night or stop what they are doing to check on animals. In terms of safety, farmers are alerted when the cow starts to calf (i.e. in real time), which reduces the risk of delay and dramatic consequences. This solution increases productivity thanks to a better distribution of farmers' time and reduces calf mortality. It also brings peace of mind as well as improving the lives of farmers and their families.
Building on its success, Medria capitalised on the huge interest sparked by its product to launch other applications based on the same concept. The HeatPhone detects temperature variations in animals in order to plan artificial insemination and the San'Phone collects a variety of data on animals' state of health.
Based on the initial problem and a development idea and Orange's telecoms expertise, Médria was successfully able to implement an innovative and profitable solution, which is useful to livestock farmers throughout the world.