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An urban supplier company has successfully implemented a machine to machine solution with Orange to improve its equipment management


Luxab, the urban equipment manufacturer, discovered the powerful potential of M2M connectivity for its business. Luxab supplies street lamps, traffic lights, road signs and other street equipment to local authorities, towns and companies. It frequently encountered problems especially in terms of maintaining this equipment.  


Maintenance is a key part of all the contracts it signs with clients including, among other aspects, response time clauses that can incur heavy financial penalties in the event they are not respected.  In the past, Luxab regularly inspected its equipment in order to anticipate eventual problems and wear. Users could also notify the company in the event of any unforeseen problems. However, these methods were less than ideal. It was very difficult to know what material was needed and it was impossible to identify the cause of the problem until the technician had inspected the site. 
This constant lack of information also resulted in significant costs linked to inspection journeys, which required technicians to take more material/equipment than was necessary to each intervention.
For example, when Luxab went to inspect a street lamp failure, the problem was usually due to two main problems: a problem with the actual lamp or with the relay. In the first case, a cherry picker is indispensable whereas in the second a technician on the ground can resolve the problem. Not knowing the cause of the problem prior to the call out meant that the technician would have to mobilise expensive equipment, which very often was not required. 



When thinking about how to improve maintenance interventions, Luxab joined forces with Orange and integrated SIM cards in the electrical boxes linking much of its urban equipment. 
Now data is sent directly to Luxab who can analyse it before deciding on the best course of action. It can also work out the origin of the failure, detect which part needs changing and estimate the duration of the intervention. Its technicians waste less time, maintenance tools are only used in relation to the detected problem and the company is notified of the malfunction in real time. 



This solution saves money by optimising the company's equipment and its technicians' journeys as well as increasing its quality of service for customers. Just on journey savings alone, Luxab made savings of 20% in the first year compared to the previous year.
Thanks to M2M technology, the development possibilities for Luxab are endless. The company has already developed new applications such as an ingenuous system for remotely controlling traffic lights based on the number of vehicles in order to  relieve traffic congestion.